Transitions and 

A Diploma in Personal Business and Executive Coaching
Course led by Julie Hewson and Associates

What will you do with your one wild precious life?

A journey in the company of strangers...

This course is for people who want to make a difference, who value qualities of exploration and integrity,  and who wish to continue to grow, change and discover the best in themselves as well as in others: particularly after the last eighteen months of events. 

People who want to create healthy, enquiring and robust communities in work, in the locality, in the family and also within themselves and between each other.

What will you do with your one wild precious life?

It is designed to be delivered in face to face modules every other month with sequential training building on skills and knowledge with supported practice in between.

It deals with growing the candidate’s skills, knowledge, and themselves.

It enables graduates to apply for individual membership of the European Association for Supervision and Coaching.

It is suitable for people who work in the NHS, the caring professions, the armed and emergency forces, teachers, people wishing to change direction, politicians both local and national, those in the service industries. Anyone who is at a point of transition.

The titles of the modules are as follows

  • The art of listening and the science of strategy (2 modules)
  • The wisdom of self knowledge
  • The light and the dark, the shadow of humanity. The power of emotional intelligence as well as strategic thinking.
  • Moral and ethical dilemmas
  • How to work in and with groups, and teams (2 modules)
  • Dealing with conflict, creating balance.
  • Transitions in life and old age.
  • The use of metaphor and storytelling as a way of making sense of nonsense.

Summer School

There will be a Summer school of self presentations, case presentations and professional conversation with an external examiner/colleague.

Course Information

The course meets the criteria for individual European Association for Supervision and Coaching accreditation.

North Wales and the South West Peninsular.

Monday 10am - 5pm, Tuesday 9am to 5pm

Written work:
Journal of learning, 4 short book reviews, two case studies.

Additional help:
Tutorials and help between modules. 4 coaching sessions that each candidate arranges and self finances.

January 24th & 25th March 28th & 29th
May 23th & 24th July 25th & 26th
September 26th & 27th November 28th & 29th

£5,050 - some bursaries available in case of hardship.

Dates for 2023 to be agreed.

Meet the Team


International trainer, management consultant, coach, psychotherapist, supervisor, businesswoman & artist.


Integrative psychotherapist and retreat leader originally from Cornwall, now in North Wales.


Psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, specialist in transitions, change & its challenge. Mindfulness.


Coach, supervisor, acupuncturist and national trainer. Overseas humanitarian creating change for good.


Executive coach management consultant, specialist in team work and collaboration.


GP forensic specialist, trainer of medics, special interest in communication in very difficult circumstances.


Oncology specialist, occupational health specialist for NHS, integrated psychological practitioner. Sailor.


Coach, international trainer, psychotherapist and examiner.

The course covers
the 7 Level Model

1. Sensation

2. Awareness

3. Naming

4. Normative

5. Rational

6. Theoretical

7. Transpersonal


For more information and to book the course, please contact Julie.

Tel: 07980 599 050


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