Our mission 

Our mission is to bring a Supervision Training of Compassionate Enquiry, Focussed Attention and Enhanced Relational Wellbeing for

Senior Practitioners who want to enter the world of professional enhancement and personal development.

To bring up to date ideas and processes to enhance practice and nourish the practitioner.

To bring the wisdom from the past.

To create an oasis for hard working and ethical practitioners to have space for themselves and share ideas, visions and-create a base from

which change for the good is possible.

Our Advanced Supervision Certificate is based on the premise that:

Supervision of high quality ensures best practice and the best for both supervisors, practitioners and clients alike. 

It monitors potential ethical dilemmas, safety for clients and at the same time encourages innovation, thinking outside of the box and success.

It provides a community in which to share and develop all the above.

This training will be specifically for Coaches who have been practicing for at least two years.


Our aims are to enable our delegates to add another professional string to their bow, from whence they can competently and enjoyably add to the skills and perceptual horizons of those who come to seek their help, and of course in addition to widen and deepen their own competence.

In a very busy and competitive world our mission is to run a condensed, highly practical, live and relational training programme in two blocks of five days, one in the autumn, one in the spring.


Our History ( See blog for further information)

We have run both individually, in our respective countries, and together in the UK and Europe,  a highly acclaimed and very successful Executive Coaching Training under our former partnership Elliot-Griffiths.

We have  coached senior people in the NHS,  Public and Private sector Organisations, in Education, the Legal Profession, the Creative Arts and also communities ravaged by political turbulence and and remaking of communities. There is a long history of success, innovation and sheer hard work to bring to the table.

In addition we have coached private individuals at significant points in their lives, from Mayors and Government officials to those who have decided on complete life style change, from Finance to Healing, from staying in the same role to totally changing the vision for the next part of their lives.  All issues whether relationship based,  or career changes, loss, personal crises and dealing with difficult relationships in the work place are all part of our experience and remit. 

Both members of the partnership are internationally recognised, both have worked in Europe and beyond.( See blog for more information)

Julie and Mary are the most inspirational teachers and practitioners I have ever met. They are a dream team. H.S. Devon

I learned so much about coaching and the importance of supervision with Julie and Mary and my work has taken off extraordinarily since completing their training.

The work has been inspiring, relevant and focussed with ample time to develop my practice skills, confidence and competence. I will always be grateful for their wonderful training.

These two gifted women have a huge background of practice wisdom which was shared generously with us on the trainings. I feel well resourced to go out and make the changes in my professional and personal worlds.

What We've Achieved

We have run a state of the art Coaching training for  people who mentor and train G.P's, Consultants in hospitals,  people in the world of Corporate Finance, Banking and Investment, Educators, Management Consultants, Professionals in the world of Theatre , the Arts, and International bodies sponsoring Arts in education.

We have provided training and support for CEO's, Consultant Coaches working with Senior Staff and CEO's. We have colleagues who work with us in the world of business, and both of us have run successful businesses in more than one field.

We are both very experienced in Coaching Couples, working with Family Businesses and Supervising Coaches and Practitioners in the field or Organisational Psychology, Counselling in the Workplace and Exceutive Coaching.

We have both as individuals and together been invited to present at European Conferences, run international workshops and examine new coaches and supervisors for their accreditation process.

In addition we have both continued to learn and add to our portfolio of skills and knowledge in order to share theses treasures with our clients, students and colleagues.