Coaching for family businesses both high profile and small.

The skills and expertise of the range of skills available through Hewson, O'Donoghue and associates enable high profile and smaller family businesses to manage the interface between private and public life. Balancing privacy and personal relationships with the demands of running a successful business with differing roles is of profound importance  for both the individuals involved and their families and the enjoyment of discovering  of what they do best and love doing most. 

Sometimes, in fact surprisingly often, a great idea is turned into a business, but the range of roles needed to bring it from a one person band into a successful enterprise is not fully understood.

Most of us are happy to undertake three key team roles, so sometimes a group of three can cover all that will lead to a successful management of a business. However these are not always apparent and the lack of knowledge in this arena can lead to domestic and personal turbulence  which can be easily resolved once these roles are clarified. That are different from formal roles. (See Belbin and separately Margerison and McCann)

 Over the years both Julie and Mary have worked to facilitate businesses and companies to resolve differences, create visions and become successful and well functioning organisations where people are glad to come to work.

Some examples

The NHS.

Two years ago Julie conducted research into a large hospital and its culture  to see what could be done to identify difficulties in the workplace between colleagues and departments and make suggestions of what could bring about change for the better. 

This lead her to working closely with a  Consultant Anaesthetist  whom she had trained in coaching, who was in process of setting up an awareness training using coaching skills, and a foundation coaching training for all new doctors entering the hospital. A voluntary process for the participants, of course, which lead to a huge take up with over 500 staff from the medical and related disciplines, taking up the offer. 

It is a foundation, a new way of thinking about working with and managing colleagues and stressful situations.  In a recent feedback session there have been reports of significant shifts in the manner in which formerly " difficult" individuals have become easy to work with and an overall sense of wellbeing amongst those who are alongside those who have undertaken the training. They have become recognisable,  a bit like a beacon. Such changes are truly exciting, and show that from a small seed and a quietly contemplative manner of introducing the work, with no ego, but the wish for a better way of being in the workplace, small miracles can happen. This is not to say that significant leg work and hard work went into this behind the scenes, but the outcome has been quiet and yet amazing.  In these days of chaos and turbulence, these still centres are much needed. The work is ongoing and will continue to make a difference.