Transactional Analysis Official 101 for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Doctors,Teachers and Coaches.This is offered twice a year. Please contact Julie for details for 2018.

The 101 is an exciting weekend in which the overview of Transactional Analysis is explained, its context, its applications, its relevance today and its integration of some of the main traditions in applied psychology.

Its roots lie in Psychoanalysis, it also has many ideas in common with CBT, Existential philosophy and has a way of applying its principles to Social Psychology, the study of groups and organisations.

It has suffered from the simplicity of language which Berne had intended to make more accessible to his patients. and has been degraded in many settings particularly in Sales and Marketing where a little knowledge shows very little understanding of how sophisticated  Berne's ideas were/ and are. 

There is a wonderful story of Berne being on a plane, next to an astronomer who asked what he did. When Berne replied  I am a doctor and I founded Transactional Analysis, the fellow passenger said.

" Oh I know PAC, Parent Adult Child"

When Berne asked what he did and was told he was an astronomer he replied

" Oh I know twinkle twinkle little star"

Its usefulness is significant in so many settings, including education, family mediation, management as well as the professions mentioned above.

The weekend will be a combination of teaching, exercises, personal discovery, discussions and application. It will be engaging, informative, collaborative and fun. It will also be a forum for serious case discussion to  take place, in principle.

It can be followed up with further modules if there is the wish to continue.


Cost £150

Location North Wales.

Parking nearby for £150 per day. Bursaries available in cases of hardship.

Trainer : Julie Hewson  MA, BA Hons, Dip SW, Dip Sup, Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst. CTA, PGCE. Trained Mediator, Training and Supervising Member of the European Association of Coaching and Supervision. UKCP, accredited, BACP Snr. Accredited and Registered Member. International Trainer and examiner and Founder of the Original Iron Mill Centre, then Institute that delivered high level training both professionally accredited and carrying Higher Education awards, for more than 30 years. It was the hub and heart of Psychotherapy and Counselling training in the South West attracting speakers from all over Europe and the USA. I  sold the business as a going concern 6 years ago and it has changed but doing well. It has a very different ethos now.

I am currently associated with Bangor University,  for the Clinical Psychology PhD. programme and the MSc in Integrative Counselling for the Supervisors register: I am also  External Examiner to the Berne Institute in Nottingham.

Look her up on Linked in.

Please contact Julie Hewson directly at if you would like to discuss investigating taking a place one of the courses.

Location will be sent to you with details of the programme, on application.