Presentation at the Royal College of Surgeons on international Womens' Day

Julie was invited to give a talk on the what and the how of confidence at a conference for senior women surgeons this spring, with a number of inspiring and illustrious women.

She has also just heard from a Consultant Anaesthetist whom she trained in Truro in Executive Coaching that the move to set up and devolve an effective coaching programme and support system at Treliske Hospital is being very successful and that the focus groups that preceded this and were run together with other senior staff have informed the process and content of the service.

Julie has been asked to present at the CIS  ( Czech Institute for Supervision) Conference in Prague in September and will be attending and running a workshop in Bratislava, at the University following that, for the European Association for Supervision and Coaching, EASC.

Julie runs two supervision groups in the West Country for applied psychology professionals and is considering setting one up especially for coaches in the autumn.

She and Mary are so delighted to be working together on the Supervision Immersion Training in the Autumn of this year and the Spring of the next.


Recent Travels with Mary.

Mary has just returned from teaching and participating in the International Logosynthesis Conference in the Netherlands. She is a Master Practitioner and trainer in this field. She is also an accredited Master Coach and Supervisor with the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland and has run trainings in Coaching in Eire, Switzerland and also with Julie under our former name of Elliot-Griffiths in Exeter and Prague.

She like Julie, is an accredited Supervisor with the European Association of Supervisors and Coaches, and is also a member of the Supervision Association of Ireland.


Mary is passionate about supervision and firmly believes for anyone working in the field of coaching, to have the support and safety of a competent qualified Supervisor who can facilitate, learning, change and transformation in the service of the individual or organisation  and the practitioner, at a personal at a personal level.

Supervision benefits-"potential for growth and transformational learning, develops clinical wisdom and skills through reflective practice, identifies learning goals, uncovers blind spots and works creatively with block s and limitations that may impact practice and wellbeing." Supervisors association of Ireland.

So it is with great great pleasure they will be working together again, Mary and Julie, both highly regarded international trainers, in their creativity, kindness, fun and rigour and the pride they take in offering a place on this new intensive programme of Supervision and any further CPD.


Prior to that:

Julie worked for over 10 year in Prague delivering a Supervision training to Doctors Psychologists,

Psychotherapists, Coaches, Colleagues who had found themselves on different sides of the fence

during the Russian Occupation. 

Dealing with teaching people on Conflict Resolution in Switzerland for ten years from backgrounds

ranging from Swissair, Social work, Education, Government,Coaching.

Setting up and running a training Institute for many years providing Professional Accredited

training and Master's degrees.

Training Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Supervisors and Coaches over many years.

Mary had formerly worked in the banking sector,

In her own  successful business,

As a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor for many years.

A Consultant and Trainer in Switzerland, UK and Eire.

Presenter at workshop for EMCC in Prague.

( see blog for more information)