Transactional Analysis Official 101 for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Doctors,Teachers and Coaches.This is offered twice a year. Please contact Julie for details for 2018.

The 101 is an exciting weekend in which the overview of Transactional Analysis is explained, its context, its applications, its relevance today and its integration of some of the main traditions in applied psychology.

Its roots lie in Psychoanalysis, it also has many ideas in common with CBT, Existential philosophy and has a way of applying its principles to Social Psychology, the study of groups and organisations.

It has suffered from the simplicity of language which Berne had intended to make more accessible to his patients. and has been degraded in many settings particularly in Sales and Marketing where a little knowledge shows very little understanding of how sophisticated  Berne's ideas were/ and are. 

There is a wonderful story of Berne being on a plane, next to an astronomer who asked what he did. When Berne replied  I am a doctor and I founded Transactional Analysis, the fellow passenger said.

" Oh I know PAC, Parent Adult Child"

When Berne asked what he did and was told he was an astronomer he replied

" Oh I know twinkle twinkle little star"

Its usefulness is significant in so many settings, including education, family mediation, management as well as the professions mentioned above.

The weekend will be a combination of teaching, exercises, personal discovery, discussions and application. It will be engaging, informative, collaborative and fun. It will also be a forum for serious case discussion to  take place, in principle.

It can be followed up with further modules if there is the wish to continue.


Cost £150

Location North Wales.

Parking nearby for £150 per day. Bursaries available in cases of hardship.

Trainer : Julie Hewson  MA, BA Hons, Dip SW, Dip Sup, Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst. CTA, PGCE. Trained Mediator, Training and Supervising Member of the European Association of Coaching and Supervision. UKCP, accredited, BACP Snr. Accredited and Registered Member. International Trainer and examiner and Founder of the Original Iron Mill Centre, then Institute that delivered high level training both professionally accredited and carrying Higher Education awards, for more than 30 years. It was the hub and heart of Psychotherapy and Counselling training in the South West attracting speakers from all over Europe and the USA. I  sold the business as a going concern 6 years ago and it has changed but doing well. It has a very different ethos now.

I am currently associated with Bangor University,  for the Clinical Psychology PhD. programme and the MSc in Integrative Counselling for the Supervisors register: I am also  External Examiner to the Berne Institute in Nottingham.

Look her up on Linked in.

Please contact Julie Hewson directly at if you would like to discuss investigating taking a place one of the courses.

Location will be sent to you with details of the programme, on application.


New Intensive Advanced Certificate in Coaching and Managerial Supervision. Exeter

We are pleased to announce the start of an Intensive Training by two EASC accredited trainers

in Coaching Supervision, and for managers who use a coaching ethos. This will enable participants,

to supervise Executive and Personal Coaches and Colleagues

in their practice with confidence, competence and creativity.

Supervision is a relationship of Compassionate Enquiry and Strategic thinking and is an oasis of

ideas and support, when working with others to whom we provide support often in isolated and

demanding roles. 

The course will be in two blocks of five days, one block in October, 2016, the other in March 2017.

Each block will include theory , practice, live supervision and case discussions.

It will enable participants

1) To form a constructive and safe learning community to address difficult situations in their own practice.

2) To work from a values based foundation based on compassionate enquiry, respect for the essence of the individual or group before us, and the relationship we are co-creating.

3) Through learning new models and methods from a helicopter position, to see other ways of addressing coaching issues and concerns:

4) To develop a skill set and range of competencies to add another string to the professional bow.

45 To become part of a wider European network of Coaches and Supervisors.

6) To enjoy further learning and CPD.

Dates and location:

2018 dates to be confirmed.

Venue: The Hotel du Vin Exeter and/or North Wales.

Cost £2,500

Do contact us by e mail or text in the first instance to request an interview and further information.

Coaching for family businesses both high profile and small.

The skills and expertise of the range of skills available through Hewson, O'Donoghue and associates enable high profile and smaller family businesses to manage the interface between private and public life. Balancing privacy and personal relationships with the demands of running a successful business with differing roles is of profound importance  for both the individuals involved and their families and the enjoyment of discovering  of what they do best and love doing most. 

Sometimes, in fact surprisingly often, a great idea is turned into a business, but the range of roles needed to bring it from a one person band into a successful enterprise is not fully understood.

Most of us are happy to undertake three key team roles, so sometimes a group of three can cover all that will lead to a successful management of a business. However these are not always apparent and the lack of knowledge in this arena can lead to domestic and personal turbulence  which can be easily resolved once these roles are clarified. That are different from formal roles. (See Belbin and separately Margerison and McCann)

 Over the years both Julie and Mary have worked to facilitate businesses and companies to resolve differences, create visions and become successful and well functioning organisations where people are glad to come to work.

Some examples

The NHS.

Two years ago Julie conducted research into a large hospital and its culture  to see what could be done to identify difficulties in the workplace between colleagues and departments and make suggestions of what could bring about change for the better. 

This lead her to working closely with a  Consultant Anaesthetist  whom she had trained in coaching, who was in process of setting up an awareness training using coaching skills, and a foundation coaching training for all new doctors entering the hospital. A voluntary process for the participants, of course, which lead to a huge take up with over 500 staff from the medical and related disciplines, taking up the offer. 

It is a foundation, a new way of thinking about working with and managing colleagues and stressful situations.  In a recent feedback session there have been reports of significant shifts in the manner in which formerly " difficult" individuals have become easy to work with and an overall sense of wellbeing amongst those who are alongside those who have undertaken the training. They have become recognisable,  a bit like a beacon. Such changes are truly exciting, and show that from a small seed and a quietly contemplative manner of introducing the work, with no ego, but the wish for a better way of being in the workplace, small miracles can happen. This is not to say that significant leg work and hard work went into this behind the scenes, but the outcome has been quiet and yet amazing.  In these days of chaos and turbulence, these still centres are much needed. The work is ongoing and will continue to make a difference.

Presentation at the Royal College of Surgeons on international Womens' Day

Julie was invited to give a talk on the what and the how of confidence at a conference for senior women surgeons this spring, with a number of inspiring and illustrious women.

She has also just heard from a Consultant Anaesthetist whom she trained in Truro in Executive Coaching that the move to set up and devolve an effective coaching programme and support system at Treliske Hospital is being very successful and that the focus groups that preceded this and were run together with other senior staff have informed the process and content of the service.

Julie has been asked to present at the CIS  ( Czech Institute for Supervision) Conference in Prague in September and will be attending and running a workshop in Bratislava, at the University following that, for the European Association for Supervision and Coaching, EASC.

Julie runs two supervision groups in the West Country for applied psychology professionals and is considering setting one up especially for coaches in the autumn.

She and Mary are so delighted to be working together on the Supervision Immersion Training in the Autumn of this year and the Spring of the next.


Recent Travels with Mary.

Mary has just returned from teaching and participating in the International Logosynthesis Conference in the Netherlands. She is a Master Practitioner and trainer in this field. She is also an accredited Master Coach and Supervisor with the Life and Business Coaching Association of Ireland and has run trainings in Coaching in Eire, Switzerland and also with Julie under our former name of Elliot-Griffiths in Exeter and Prague.

She like Julie, is an accredited Supervisor with the European Association of Supervisors and Coaches, and is also a member of the Supervision Association of Ireland.


Mary is passionate about supervision and firmly believes for anyone working in the field of coaching, to have the support and safety of a competent qualified Supervisor who can facilitate, learning, change and transformation in the service of the individual or organisation  and the practitioner, at a personal at a personal level.

Supervision benefits-"potential for growth and transformational learning, develops clinical wisdom and skills through reflective practice, identifies learning goals, uncovers blind spots and works creatively with block s and limitations that may impact practice and wellbeing." Supervisors association of Ireland.

So it is with great great pleasure they will be working together again, Mary and Julie, both highly regarded international trainers, in their creativity, kindness, fun and rigour and the pride they take in offering a place on this new intensive programme of Supervision and any further CPD.


Prior to that:

Julie worked for over 10 year in Prague delivering a Supervision training to Doctors Psychologists,

Psychotherapists, Coaches, Colleagues who had found themselves on different sides of the fence

during the Russian Occupation. 

Dealing with teaching people on Conflict Resolution in Switzerland for ten years from backgrounds

ranging from Swissair, Social work, Education, Government,Coaching.

Setting up and running a training Institute for many years providing Professional Accredited

training and Master's degrees.

Training Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Supervisors and Coaches over many years.

Mary had formerly worked in the banking sector,

In her own  successful business,

As a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor for many years.

A Consultant and Trainer in Switzerland, UK and Eire.

Presenter at workshop for EMCC in Prague.



New Adventures, New beginnings 2018.

Well what a year 2017 was, so much change, challenge and new directions.

Julie has now moved to North Wales, on the `Isle of Anglesey and is building a practice up here in Supervision, Coaching, Couples therapy, Personal Therapy and Counselling. She is also delighted to have formed professional links with Bangor University for two of their Post Graduate programmes, one in Clinical Psychology, the other the Master's degree in Integrative Counselling.

She has bases in Llandudno, Menai Bridge and Newborough.

Recently she has completed  the delivery of a very exciting Supervision Diploma for experienced Psychotherapists in Exeter. She is also continuing to work with a team on Supervision and together a new book on Supervision will be developed arising from high level discussions, creativity and fun over a number of years.

She has been asked to provide a separate bespoke training in supervision for an organisation dedicated to bereavement, loss and trauma. This will commence in the spring.

Mary and Julie are getting together to develop some teaching packages together with another colleague with all the technical expertise and we will be letting you know about these shortly.

2017 was full of change, births and deaths and moving and travelling. Mary has become a grandmother for the fourth time, and has been delivering courses in Logosynthesis in several venues in continental Europe. Julie has been continuing her studies of Ayurvedic principles which started in London two years ago and which increasingly  informs her practice.. She is also considering training in Functional Medicine having been part of the training of G.P's in Exeter, she is excited by the developments in Functional medicine within this country and throughout the world. She recently was in discussion with a Doctor from Chile, who is Ayurvedic trained and is following further post graduate training in Functional medicine. 

2018 feels like an exciting year of consolidation and new ventures and adventures.